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the five biggest stories of 2015

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who bought a copy of Dead Companies Walking this year. I had a great time writing the book and it was fun hearing from folks who seemed to enjoy reading it, as well. I probably wasn’t able to respond to everyone who contacted me about it (though I tried), but I appreciate the kind words that many people sent my way. Thank you!

As for the markets, investors have had more than their fair share of emotional and actual volatility in 2015. After all the huffing, puffing, and cussing, the S&P and the Dow are more or less flat. That doesn’t surprise me very much (I expected modest gains for the indexes, at best). But a number of things have surprised me this year, some quite a bit. Here’s my list of the five biggest events of 2015, in order of earth-shattering importance:

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2015 outlook: there goes the punchbowl!

I realized in all the excitement with the release of my book this week that I haven’t taken a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has emailed me and left comments here and elsewhere complimenting the book*–not to mention the editors at Amazon who named it one of the Best Books of the Month and the folks who have written about it this past week like Bram de Haas at Seeking Alpha and Martin Zwilling at Forbes. My co-writer Jesse Powell and I worked hard on the book for several years and I’m quite proud of it, so it’s great to hear that people are appreciating what we produced.**

Okay, now back to blogging.

It’s the silly season in the financial world. Everybody and their uncle is going around like Carnac the Magnificent making all sorts of predictions about what 2015 will bring. Of course, nobody actually has a clue what’s going to happen ten minutes from now, let alone six or twelve months down the line. Our economy and our markets are so massive, so complex and dynamic, that only a fool or an egomaniac would offer his outlook and advice for the coming year.

That being said, here is my outlook and advice for 2015:

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