dead companies walking is on sale starting … now!

I’m excited to announce that my book, Dead Companies Walking: How a Hedge Fund Manager Finds Opportunity¬†in Unexpected Places is officially on sale online and at booksellers everywhere, and that it was just named a “Must-Read Business Book” by

Dead Companies Walking is not your typical business guide or investing how-to book. It’s a fun and educational travelogue of my three decades in the investment business–from my early days as a rookie stock analyst in Houston to my stint running mutual funds in San Francisco during and after the Black Monday crash to my 23 years (and counting) at the helm of my hedge fund. In that time, I’ve met with thousands of top executives in their corporate offices and shorted the stocks of over 200 companies that have eventually filed for bankruptcy.

In Dead Companies Walking, I share six common mistakes corporate managers routinely commit that can tank even the most promising businesses. I also recount some of my own worst mistakes as both a businessperson and an investor, like failing to buy into Starbucks and Costco just after they both came public and opening a doomed restaurant trying to sell Southern food to geriatric hippies. Those errors cost me millions, but living through them led me to successes in later ventures. In the end, I hope Dead Companies Walking will lessen the stigma of failure. It’s not only far more common in business and investing than most people are willing to admit, it’s actually a critical element of a healthy market economy.

For more information on Dead Companies Walking, you can check out great write-ups on it from Absolute Return, Investor’s Business Daily, or Publishers Weekly. I’m heading to New York next week to promote the book, including a scheduled appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell. Stay tuned for more news about that and other media coverage in the coming days.

*Note: Any proceeds I am lucky enough to earn from sales of Dead Companies Walking will go to charity.

4 thoughts on “dead companies walking is on sale starting … now!

  1. Chris

    Hi Scott,

    I’m about half way through your book. It’s excellent and is the best market related book I’ve read in some time. Thanks for sharing your insights.


    1. scott fearon Post author

      Thanks so much, Chris. The book was meant to be entertaining as well as educational, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


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