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pro-growth liberalism

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As a registered Republican, I’ve always felt that the private sector does a better job creating jobs than government.  But not all right wing policies promote growth.  Some limit growth.  Two come to mind immediately: the blind opposition to government-funded healthcare and the opposition to raising the minimum wage, or at least allowing it to keep pace with inflation.

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the least we can do

It’s an election year, and election years bring out so-called wedge issues. This time around, it looks like the big wedge issue will be the minimum wage. Democrats want to push it above $10 an hour. I’m not a fan of government regulation and other burdens on business–like the excessive corporate tax rate–but I do believe Washington has a moral and financial obligation to help entry-level, unskilled, and young workers. Raising the minimum wage helps all three groups. It does something even more important, too:

It honors work.

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